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My officially official blog. Yeah, I write a blog. But once in a blue moon. Because I'm too lazy.

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Most people prefer to send me an email at, but otherwise, you can just fill up this contact form and I'll reply! But please don't spam me with ads for 'Professional Web Tools' and whatnot.

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Thirteen year old. Donut lover. In love with Ubuntu, React and Vue.js. Learning React, TypeScript and Vue.js and how to post on Twitter. Obsessed with Node.js.

Hi. This is a paragraph about me. I’m a thirteen-year-old web developer. Eats donuts every day (well, not every day). In love with Ubuntu, React and Vue.js (yet I still don’t know React and Vue.js).

What I said about myself

I'm a thirteen year old web developer. I love donuts so much that it has become my symbol. I enjoy creating websites using HTML, CSS, JS, (severly obsessed with) Node.js, and (learning) React, by sitting on my bean bag and thinking a lot.

Other than programming, I draw a webcomic named The Picatoon and I like doing photo editing and graphical designing, although I'm not a pro in it.

NOTICE TO ALL: Where ever you see a white, badly pixelated donut (or doughnut?) on a blue and purple background, then that's ME!!!

I can code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS (especially Express) and a bit of React and Discord.js :D



A simple Discord bot that cannot play music, say jokes, post memes and do math calculations!

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A code editor with more features than Pastebin, (almost) equivalent of CodePen and smaller than Glitch.

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A simple key-value JSON-based persistent lightweight database.

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NPM package for ml2en - An algorithm that transliterates Malayalam script to Roman / Latin characters (commonly 'Manglish') with reasonable phonetic fairness.

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ImpressiveSquare.js is a simple JS library for creating and styling responsive and simple <div> elements. These <div>s have a small hover animation with a light box-shadow to produce a simple effect.

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TypeAudio is an online tool used for easier manual transcribing of audio, video and YouTube files.

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What other people said about me

That's crazy. You're far beyond good. You're excellent. Keep it up.

Liyas Thomas

Excellent, Khaleel. I was checking out your website and your GitHub. Really good work.

Kailash Nadh

Happy to hear about the good work you do around code.

Moosa Mehar MP

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I like to do 3D modelling using Blender and MagicaVoxel, but none of these have been successful. :(

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